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Code of Conduct & School Rules

We all need to show courtesy and respect to each other at all times



Behave at all times with consideration for others

Speak politely to everyone. (shouting is always rude). Remember that the School's reputation depends upon you and the way you speak and behave.

Move quietly and sensibly about the School

This means never running or shouting, but being ready to open doors stand back to let people passed also helping to carry things. Keep to the left and take special care on the stairs.

Keep the Clere clean and tidy

This means you use the litter bins. Do not bring chewing gum or tippex fluid to school, as they are messy; nor glass bottles, which can be dangerous. Do not bring items such as radios, mobile telephones or personal stereos.

Do your best in your lesson

Be on time. Always bring the right equipment with you and that includes your student planner. Treat all equipment with respect. There must be no eating or drinking in lessons


School Rules

  • You must register 8:40 a.m and 1.20 p.m.
  • If you miss registration after 9.00 a.m you must report to reception.
  • You must remain on the school premises at break and lunch time. If you need to leave school at other times, a note from your parents should be sent to your tutor. You must sign out at reception before you leave and after you return to school.
  • If you are absent from school your parents must ring the school absence line each morning of your absence. On return to school bring a note to your tutor from your parents explaining your absence.
  • You must wear the correct school uniform in school and on school activities. If you are temporarily without the correct full school uniform you should bring a note from home explaining the reason to your tutor.
  • You must not bring smoking equipment, alcohol or and illegal substance into school. Do not bring to school; radios, disk players, MP3'S/4'S, iPods, hand held gaming consoles, mobile phones, skateboards, scooters, aerosols, glass bottles and chewing gum.
  • You may cycle to school if you obtain a cycle pass. You must not cycle on the school site.
  • You must only eat refreshment in specified eating areas at break or lunch time. Eating at other time is not allowed.
  • If you have to bring medications to school, they must be left at reception, not carried around the school.
  • You must not involve yourself in any form of bullying, verbally or physically (refer to the school leaflet on bullying)
  • You should not run, block doorways, corridors or behave in any way that is a danger to others.