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Staff List

Staff List 2018 to 2019


Senior Leadership Team

Mr Benjamin Bond - Headteacher

Mr Paul Blake - Deputy Headteacher

Miss Ursula Coyle - Assistant Headteacher / SENCO

Mrs Jennifer Piper - School Business Manager



Mrs Katy Street - Curriculum Leader 

Ms Jenny Grant

Mrs Eryl Thomas  

Mrs Natalie Weight - Faculty Leader for Communications



Mrs Michelle Hogben - Curriculum Leader

Mr Adrian Deasy - Leading Practitioner / Faculty Leader for STEM

Mrs Isabella Campbell         

Mr Matthew Eifler



Mrs Theresa Wilson - Curriculum Leader

Mr Andrew Crook 

Mr Andrew Woods - Progress Leader Year 9


Technology (Resistant Materials/Graphics/Food)

Mr Matthew Finnegan - Head of Department / Progress Leader Year 7

Ms Cheryl Wheeler - Food Technology

Mrs Joanne Noden



Mr Barney Kerry



Mrs Lucy Alderman - Faculty Leader for Humanities

Mrs Hannah Wallace


Religious Education and Citizenship

Miss Ursula Coyle

Mr Benjamin Piper


Modern Foreign Languages

Mr David Aves

Mrs Karine Hutcheson



Mrs Sandra Kirton - Leading Practitioner / Faculty Leader for Performance


Art and Photography 

Mr Gary Tanner - Head of Department/ Progress Leader Year 10


Physical Education

Miss Corinne King - Head of Department

Mr Scott Maidment


Computer Science

Mrs Ruth Trafford



Administrative Staff

Jenny Piper - School Business Manager

Alison Dixon - Administrative Officer

Cheryl Angell - SEN Administrator

Sue Berry - Trip Co-ordinator / Reports & Assessment

Val Brockbank - Secretary

Isabella Campbell - Examinations Officer

Jane Glen - Assistant Finance Officer

Katy Herbert - Finance Assistant

Carolyn Hill - Receptionist

Marilyn Robson - Reprographics / Welfare Assistant

Alessandra Sinclair - Library Assistant

Jane Stockwell - Receptionist



Kathryn Waye


Cover Supervisors

Benjamin Piper

Samantha Rabehi


Site Staff

James Kite - Site Manager

Rodney Kite - Site Assistant

Sheila Martin - Cleaner


Learning Support Assistants

Angela Blake

Heidi Fowler - Progress Leader Year 8

James Hardy-Giles

Dawn Kent

Amy McMillan

Helen Vivian

Louise Wise



Caroline Addy - Food Technology

Melanie Lawrence - Food Technology

Bruce Howe - Design & Technology

Louise Wise - Art

Tara Herbert - Art

Tonia Brown - Art

Steve Hyde - Science (Senior)

Tomasz Jedrejzak - ICT