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All pupils are expected to wear the The Clere School uniform with pride. It should be worn properly with clean shoes, shirts and blouses tucked in and no jumpers round the waist. Blazers should be worn at all times.  All items of clothing should be labelled.

The school is the Charleston style Skirts,  with a minimum length of at least 18". 


Hair that reaches the collar must be tied back.


Rings, wrist bands, bracelets and piercings are not allowed. A watch and simple ear studs may be worn (no more than one in each ear).  We ask that expensive items are not worn to school.

Make up

In the school, only clear or natural nail polish is permitted.

Years 7 to 9 may not wear make up

Years 10 and 11 may wear unobtrusive, natural make up.

Recycle Your Outgrown / Second Hand Uniform

We would like any donation of Serviceable School Uniform – to be bought into school (including outgrown but useable shoes).  The School will sell these items and any money raised will go into the welfare fund.

Lost Property

Pupils are taught to look after their own clothing and equipment and respect those belonging to others.  However, occasionally clothing and property are misplaced, such items are sent to reception.  Named items are returned to pupils and any unnamed items are retained for two weeks and then passed to the second-hand uniform store for recycling.


Please ensure that your child is given correct money to purchase school uniform.  All cheques should be made payable to H.C.C or Hampshire County Council, please write the name of your child and tutor group on the reverse of the cheque.


To order School Uniform we now have an online ordering system which allows you to order direct from our supplier.  Please see information sheet below with full details of how to order.



Information Sheet for Ordering School Uniform Online