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Bailey Duckett Wins Photography Competition

Bailey Duckett Wins Photography Competition


This term saw the launch of a Photography competition for Year 10 students, based on the theme ‘Natural Forms’. The competition was extremely successful, with a large number of students entering an exceptionally high standard of work.

Congratulations to Bailey Duckett who won the prize for ‘Outstanding’ work for his photographs of the grass and the earth.

Dylan Locke also obtained an award for ‘Best Effort’ for his beautiful pink rose.

Year 10 Progress Leader Cheryl Wheeler awarded three additional prizes for photos with the ‘Wow’ factor to Bibi Bevan, Carys Cleghorn and Megan Davies. The winners’ work has been framed and will be exhibited around the school. 

Based on the success of the competition, the decision has been made to run one competition each half term, and it will be opened up to every year group. The next theme will be ‘Urban’ and students will be tasked with taking the best photographs of our school.