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Clere Technology Champions

On Thursday 15th March two teams from The Clere Schools had the opportunity to participate in a Technology Tournament at BCOT, and came back as competition winners! Congratulations to Year 9 pupils Henry Burton, Olivia Chamberlain, Liam Davis and Lauren Osborne on this fantastic achievement.

The tournament is a recognised STEM event which brings together student teams from a number of local schools and colleges, each aiming to find the best solution to a technical problem. Pupils had to work together to make a vertical slingshot to launch a ball three metres high, through a hoop and then back down through the hoop. They also had to produce a portfolio about their ideas and build the launch mechanism.

“In our team, we had many ideas but together brought all our ideas into one. It was a really great team building experience as we learned to listen to each other’s ideas and help each other” said Lauren Osborne.

“When it came to presenting our slingshot to the judges, the ball and slingshot passed all the requirements and we came 1st out of 15 teams. We won a trophy for our school and certificates. Overall, it was a fun experience and we hope to participate again next year with a new challenge” added Olivia Chamberlain.

Matt Finnegan, Head of Design Technology at The Clere School says “This was a very challenging event for the pupils involved and they came out on top! It was great to see them working as a team and seeing their creative ability coming out.”