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Congratulations Jonathan Broom-Edwards

Congratulations to former pupil Jonathan Broom-Edwards who won the Silver medal in T44 High Jump at the Paralympic Games in Rio earlier this week.

"This has been such an experience" said Jonathan. "I've had a lot of fun. It would have been nice to go higher because I know it is within me but I'm still relatively new to this, so for the next one I will aim to tighten it up a bit".


Jonathan, aged 27,  whose family lives in Kingsclere, and who attended The Clere School, was born with a condition called Talipes Equinovarus, which mostly affects his left foot. He also has issues with his right foot and a muscular imbalance throughout his body, causing his right knee to be fairly unstable.


“I never thought of myself as disabled. I knew I had an impairment, but I have never let that affect me,” he said. “One of the things I have learnt is to accept my impairment. It won’t stop me pushing myself to the absolute limits to challenge all those I face.”


A relative newcomer to the sport, Jonathan had been playing able-bodied basketball at Loughborough University, where he studied aeronautical engineering, when he and a friend decided to try the high jump, in order to help with his basketball leaps. He realised his impairment made him eligible for Paralympic competitions following the 2012 London Olympics.