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Faultless Dance Showcase 2017

Faultless Dance Showcase 2017


More than 83 excited pupils from various year groups faultlessly performed their first dance showcase recently.


The Showcase was a celebration and an opportunity for pupils to show their parents and carers what they had been doing within dance lessons or during dance club at lunchtime. There was a variety of performances including dances created from the Lion King and dances recreated from Christopher Bruce’s Ghost Dance.


The costumes that some of the pupils had created at home with their parents were brilliant and we would like to thank parents for their time and effort in making these. We were delighted to welcome nearly 200 parents to the event, which was an outstanding success and a faultless performance?

PE Teacher Corinne King says “I lost count of how many animals I face painted before the show! As their teacher I was so proud watching the pupils at the back of the main hall. No mistakes were made during the performance! Every pupil danced superbly.”