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Spanish Success at the Basingstoke Consortium MFL Challenge!

Spanish Success at the Basingstoke Consortium MFL Challenge!


We were delighted to win first prize for our Year 10 Spanish team at the recent Basingstoke Consortium MFL Challenge at the Civic Offices in Basingstoke.


This year, we were able to enter the competition in all three languages: French, German and Spanish, alongside many other teams from other Hampshire secondary schools. The pupils were welcomed to the event and invited to the introduction for the day in the Council Chambers, which proved to be a real privilege as not many of the public ever has the opportunity to visit such an important venue!


Following this, the pupils were then divided into their subject teams and moved to different rooms. The challenge was to come up with ideas for a new youth market for Basingstoke, and they needed to showcase their project, and identify their own unique selling point. The teams had to complete three tasks, all in the foreign language. The first was to present their youth market to the judge, the second was to create a presentation pack of the youth market, and the third task was to write a press release. Everybody worked superbly as a team, and all the pupils learnt how to manage their time, keep to deadlines, assign different responsibilities and of course, use their language skills.

Prizes were awarded for the winning group per language, and an overall winning team.


Nicola Stevens MFL Curriculum Leader at The Clere says, “We were thrilled to hear that The Clere School Spanish team won the Spanish prize, which is the first time for our school! The Spanish team, as well as the French and German teams were all delighted with this fabulous result. Congratulations go to all the pupils who took part, as they were excellent ambassadors for our school.”