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Sparkling Examination Results

The Clere School Team are delighted to announce an excellent set of results this year.

 We continue to see significant upward trends in all areas.  Results currently are provisional with more to be received, but already we are able to celebrate the attainment of our Class of 2015.

Overall:  77% of the cohort achieved 5 or more high grade passes, with over 64% achieving this including English and Maths.

A quarter of all grades awarded were A* and A – this is exceptional.

These results are the best ever for The Clere!

Advanced Skills in Maths (FSMQ) results were brilliant.  We entered 10% of the cohort and 100% of the group achieved pass grades.  Three pupils achieved the top ‘A’ grade.

We saw particularly significant improvements in English, French, History, Science, Art, Music and Design Technology. 

All trends are up.

In six subject areas, 100% of children taking that subject achieved high grade passes.

All these results are especially pleasing as resits are no longer included in any school’s results.

Currently it would appear that The Clere School is achieving considerably above national standards in Maths and English, resulting in above national average results for % A*-C and 5A*-C with English and Maths.

Head Teacher Felicity Martin expressed her delight with this set of results.  “We are proud of all our students who work so very hard for their success.  These students will have a great start now as they set off towards higher education and the world of work.  I would particularly like to mention and congratulate our outstanding teachers and support staff, who are enthusiastic and dedicated, keen to achieve the very best for every child in our school.  They are a superb team.”

We look forward to further outstanding results next year.

GCSE Results 2015


Students with 5 x A* to C                                                  77%

Students with 5 x A* to C including English and Maths    64%


Students with 5 x A* to C: 

                  Girls:                        83.6%

                  Boys:                        67.7%


Students with 5 x A* to C including English and Maths:

                  Girls:                        81.8%

                  Boys:                        55.4%