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Talented Linguists in Year 7

Talented Linguists in Year 7

All Year 7 pupils have been rigorously practising for Stage 2 class competitions for the Foreign Language Spelling Bee. Following a lunchtime “spell-off”, in which the three best spellers from each class faced a one minute spelling bee challenge, we are pleased to announce the names of the three Regional Finalists, who will be representing The Clere School at the FLSB Regional Final in April.

Amandi Mendis scored an amazing 14 words in one minute and is the school Spanish winner; Lucy Warburton achieved 8 correct words and will represent the French team, and Ella Murrey scored a superb score of 13 in Spanish, making her the best overall runner-up.

Many congratulations to all pupils for taking part, and our best wishes go to the three Regional Finalists!