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The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award 2017

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award 2017

Last weekend, a group of 28 Year 10 pupils and support staff were practising their map reading, compass bearing and pacing of their walk in teams at Yattenden.


The hard work and determination of our pupils and Duke of Edinburgh’s Award staff was recently highlighted in the receipt of two certificates from Hampshire County Council. The first indicates the amount of young people completing their Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. This is calculated by taking the number of participants who enrolled in the financial year 15/16 and comparing it with the number of participants who completed their Programmes in the financial year 16/17. This is a real indication of how successful DofE is in an establishment. The Hampshire County Council baseline is 69%, which is considerable higher than the national average, and a figure they are very proud of. The Clere School was delighted to receive a certificate awarding a completion figure of 73% during April 2016 to March 2017, smashing the Hampshire County baseline!


The second certificate shows the amount of volunteering hours our pupils have completed in the local community, with a value in £ representing the social value saved by the volunteering at minimum wage. Our pupils completed a fantastic 210 hours of volunteering in the local community, with a social value of £847.50.


Volunteering is an excellent way for young people not only to add value to their local community but also to enhance their CV and future applications for work, college and university.


Congratulations to all those pupils involved.