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Year 7 Visit to Adventure Dolphin

Year 7 Visit to Adventure Dolphin

On Tuesday 17th October, Year 7 pupils travelled to Adventure Dolphin in Pangbourne for a day of team work and adventure.

Throughout the day, teams rotated between the water and the beautiful riverside area, as they negotiated their way through a series of land-based challenges, cruised the Thames in canoes, and boarded bell-boats for races and dare-devil rowing. Some pupils were initially daunted by the challenges presented during the day but, with new friends at their side, all were encouraged to demonstrate their courage and confidence on the water.

On dry land, teams had to work together to solve problems requiring precision, care and attention to detail to ensure success. Pupils demonstrated our core values of respect, responsibility and resilience through their approach to these tasks and made sure that everyone was included and took part in their joint successes in overcoming obstacles.

Year 7 pupils have made a fantastic start at The Clere and a very smooth transition from Primary to Secondary school. Adventure Dolphin has given our pupils a great opportunity to make new friends, to challenge their boundaries and to step outside of their comfort zones.