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Having the correct equipment for school is an essential component for success. For this reason, we expect students to take responsibility for their own personal equipment on a daily basis. Without this equipment you cannot learn effectively. Students should have:

  • Two writing pens - they must be black or blue 

    A green pen for peer assessment 

    Pencil and sharpener (or a spare pencil) 


    Ruler (with mm and cm) - preferably a 30cm ruler 

    A shatterproof protractor and pair of compasses (used in Maths, Science and Geography) preferably a geometry set

  • A small selection of colouring pencils 

    Scientific Calculator - Casio FX-83GTX recommended 

    Glue stick 

    A pair of scissors 

    Highlighter pens 

    Mini Whiteboard:  These are used in most lessons (no bigger than A4. These can be made simply at home with a piece of plain or coloured card placed in a plastic wallet or laminated. They can be purchased from Tesco, Amazon or Wilko for around £2) 

  • Minimum of 2 whiteboard pens 

    A small piece of cloth to wipe mini whiteboard

    Black fine liner pen for DT 

    Apron for Food/DT/Art 

    Headphones (with a 3.5mm jack) for Music

  • Reading Book


These items are essential and it is still our aim for students to significantly improve the quality of presentation in their exercise books and to get into the habit of taking responsibility for their own equipment.
All other equipment is provided by the school. Students should come to school with an appropriate school bag in which to carry their books, homework and equipment.