Welcome to our school!

At The Clere we are proud of our achievements and our increasingly high standards. We work consistently to improve, and to create opportunities for our pupils to become more and more successful We have the highest possible academic aspirations for every pupil. All of our students move on to excellent Sixth Form Colleges, and this provides an excellent further study opportunity before the majority take up places at good Universities, or as some do, take their place confidently in the world of work.

We believe that our emphasis on courtesy and good behaviour is essential, so that children can achieve their best potential. We promote good manners and confidence in our young learners, as we know that these attributes will enable them to maximise all the opportunities ahead of them.

Our school is located on a spectacular site, it is very beautiful, and most importantly, it is safe. We are a small school which means that we know each of our learners as an individual. Class sizes are small so that we can ensure that every child has the opportunity to achieve. Our curriculum is rich and varied; it provides the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for a successful future in a rapidly changing world.

Our pupils benefit from excellent facilities including our new Sports Hall and Fitness Suite. Together with our beautiful swimming pool, our gymnasium, and acres of pitches, our facilities offer some of the best Sport resources in the area. We ensure that our children understand the importance of fitness for life and teamwork. They have every chance to participate and compete in a wide range of sporting activities, within and after school. Whilst encouraging each child to be individually successful, we also believe that healthy levels of competition promote robust life skills which encourage further autonomy and independence.

We offer a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities which, in addition to sporting activities, include Master Classes in core subjects, Music practice sessions, Art and Drama Clubs, extension lessons in most subject areas, and preparation for special trips such as ski practice, as well as a thriving Homework Club.

To experience the enthusiasm and the energy of the school, we invite you to visit us and see it in action. We hold a variety of open events each term, and as a parent, or a as a prospective parent we will be delighted to meet you and give you a tour of the school. We are very keen to continue to develop our strong partnership with parents, encouraging you to become involved in the successful and enjoyable education of your child.

Please come and meet us soon, you will be most welcome!